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Great Voices

The voices by Lexofon are based on professional voices, recognised from e.g. radio, games, film and ads. Their experience and professional knowhow are at the core of everything we do.

Two of our founders, Pasi Ruohonen and Reidar Wasenius are themselves voice professionals, so we treat our talent well.

For the first time ever, these well known talents offer officially licensed AI voices of high quality. They can cover different genres, styles, moods and languages — faster, more dynamically, and more conveniently than ever before. Simply choose your voice talent and go.


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Woman with short dark hair smiling at camera

Wanda Dubiel

Actor, Speaker
Man with jacket, beard and moustache

Tuukka Haapaniemi

Singer, Voice Actor, Speaker
Lady with long fair hair

Heljä Heikkinen

Actress, Singer, Voice Actress
Older gentleman with moustache

Juha Hyppönen

Actor, Voice Artist
Man with woolly hat and headphones, 
                                short trimmed beard and moustache,
                                behind microphone

Jari Härkönen

Commercial Voice Actor, Speaker
Smiling young lady with blonde hair

Hanna Kinnunen

Actress, Musician, Speaker
Man with long blonde hair smiling at camera

Sami Kuronen

TV Presenter, Media Persona
Slim woman with long dark hair

Jane Kääriäinen

Actor, Speaker
Man with grey beard and moustache, tweed cap and

Sasu Moilanen

Voice Actor, Speaker
Woman with shoulder-length dark hair smiling at camera

Ella Pyhältö

Actor, Speaker
Gentleman with flat cap behind a microphone

Juhani Rajalin

Theatre Actor, Voice Actor
Woman with shoulder-length blonde hair smiling at

Carla Rindell

Voice Actor, Speaker
Gentleman with glasses, beard and moustache

Pasi Ruohonen

Voice Actor, Speaker
Woman with shoulder-length blonde hair smiling at

Nina Tapio

Singer, Voice Actor
Man with short hair and jacket, smiling

Reidar Wasenius

Voice Actor, Speaker

Fair Play

You deserve to have access to Great Voices — knowing that the artists and everyone else in the production chain is being treated fairly. That includes you: when you use a voice, you deserve to be able to proudly tell any listener that yes, they can feel good about enjoying the voice they are hearing, because it's a Great Voice by Lexofon. ​

Naturally, you want to use voices of high quality to support your reputation and the value of your brand. At the same time, you are treating artists well and serving your clients well. It's a win-win-win. ​

To achieve all of this, we always use the best AI technologies available to produce Great Voices. They are based on real human voices that people already know and love. Our team loves humans. We feel comfortable saying that we don't love machines, even as they are now listening and watching us. Developments in AI can and should help build a world where humans are worth MORE, not ​less. ​

At Lexofon we don't aim for low quality, cheap results from cheap talent. We don't believe you or your product deserve that. We have professional, well-known talent, who are paid fairly and with whom the best possible quality AI generated output is delivered. Given the rampant imperfections of many AIs, this is more important than ever.

Get in touch to join Lexofon in a very human movement.

At Your Service

From Day One, our ambitious team has been a collection of professionals in business development, technology development, user experience design and customer service. When you need Great Voices that match your brand and support your reputation, get in touch with Jatta, Pasi or Reidar. We will gladly tell you how you can get Great Voices of high quality. Fairly and conveniently.
Young lady smiling with light hair

Jatta Ruohonen

Sales & Marketing
Man with longish hair and tweed jacket and hat

Kristoffer Lawson

Chief Product Officer
Man with long dark hair and beard

Antti Vikman

Head of R&D
Man smiling at the camera

Tero Laiho

Creative Director, UX
Man smiling at camera with hoodie

Vellu Maurola

Sound Wizard

Valuable Partners

Nobody becomes Great alone. As they say, you are the average of the five people you spend most time with. Lexofon is choosy about the company it keeps and aim to actively partner with other premium quality organisations. Our two technology partners, Kaiden and Nolwenture, enable us to utilise the best innovations available, and to build an excellent service. You thus get Great Voices and a smooth customer experience. Epicenter, on the other hand, is an ideal home base in downtown Helsinki, Finland. From there we can grow and expand globally
We create digital products and services. Our work covers innovation, commercial strategy and execution along with the design and development of web-based and mobile apps. We offer a wide variety of software development and embedded system solutions.
Technology should enable business. Kaiden is a management level consultancy that also has deep technology understanding. That knowledge is used to allow companies to create great new digital products, servies, and business, and to give leaders the input they need for solid decisions.
Epicenter is the Nordic digital innovation house for those growth-minded companies who want to innovate with impact. We’re the community, learning platform, and meeting arena where success comes to reality.